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Wednesday, 2023-05-03

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City inaugurates a clinic to treat children suffering from Uveitis

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Saturday, 2023-07-08

PureHealth subsidiary SEHA successfully reattaches patient’s severed thumb with movement returning five weeks after surgery

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Saturday, 2023-05-13

SEHA launches 9th International Nursing and Midwifery Conference

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Thursday, 2023-09-07

PureHealth Group Subsidiary Successfully Treats Child with Rare Rheumatological Disease

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Wednesday, 2023-03-15

Doctors utilise Laparoscopic Approach to Successfully Treat Complete Rectal Prolapse at PureHealth’s Al Dhafra Hospitals

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Tuesday, 2023-08-01

PureHealth announces 500 successful transplants under Sheikh Khalifa Medical City’s Kidney Transplant Program

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Monday, 2023-03-13

Tawam Hospital Completes the Endoscopic Orbital Surgery for Hemorrhagic Tumor Removal

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Monday, 2023-05-01

SKMC’s effective use of ECMO offers the most critically ill patients a chance to survive

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Sunday, 2023-05-07

Corniche Hospital marks International Day of the Midwife, takes pride in dedication to motherhood in Abu Dhabi

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Thursday, 2023-04-13

SKMC Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation receives internationally renowned CARF Accreditation

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Friday, 2023-06-23

PureHealth’s Tawam Hospital brings back a smile to a man suffering from a cancerous tumor

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Wednesday, 2023-05-24

SEHA reopens Tawam Hospital’s Breast Care Center in Al Ain following extensive maintenance and renovation

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Wednesday, 2023-01-11

Specialized clinic to provide mental health services in Al Dhafra Hospitals

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